Payment gateway open banking opportunities: delivering intelligent commerce

Payment gateway open banking opportunities: delivering intelligent commerce

By Huw Davies, SVP Sales

I had the good fortune of attending and speaking at the PSE Payment Gateway Conference 2018 in Brussels last week. If you haven't been to a PSE conference before, I’d highly recommend registering for an upcoming event. Chris Jones and the team delivered a great agenda, with an audience of really engaged big hitters from the industry and some excellent speakers. Oh yeah, and me.

The day had a very generous allocation of time to discuss one of the current hot topics - open banking and the opportunity for payment gateways, merchants and commerce in general. Having recently secured our FCA license to operate as a Payment Initiation and Account Information Service Provider, we were very pleased to be there contributing to the debate.

The debate covered a broad range of topic areas. Much of the focus of the session however was on the:

  • strategic opportunity that open banking could bring to the gateway industry - why gateways should care and how it could allow gateways to be, well the gateway, to a much broader account-to-account payment proposition for their merchants
  • practical realities today, and the current challenges and limitations of the open banking APIs
  • bigger vision for how open banking could deliver more frictionless and embedded commerce experiences
  • real emerging use cases
    • payment use cases are showing up consistently
    • opening up new verticals for the gateway / acquiring industry
    • data and verification use cases

This included great presentations by Francesco from TrueLayer and Brian from Sentenial. It was wonderful to be alongside these guys and, between us, show what an exciting and emerging industry is developing.

If the topics above are interesting, please feel free to check out my presentation.

The day wasn’t all about open banking. Peter from Creditcall delivered a great presentation covering how to deliver genuine omnichannel solutions. We were also given an insider’s look at Payworks, a really modern gateway platform, and developments in consumer credit attitudes from Equiniti and some great industry insight from the PSE team.

Huge kudos also to Matt from Featurespace who delivered a fascinating and very cool presentation on the changing fraud landscape, and in the process, demystifying what machine learning in the modern fraud frontline really looks like.

And what’s more, the weather in Brussels was excellent and the Eurostar was all on time despite threats of strike action! A great event and really looking forward to future PSE conferences.