Team Spotlight: Huw Davies

Team Spotlight: Huw Davies

Huw started his career at Barclays and has worked for some of the biggest names in financial services in Europe. When he’s not in the office, you’ll find Huw training for marathons and triathlons, undoing it all socialising with friends and family and playing chauffeur to his two sons in Northamptonshire.

What was your last role before you joined Token?
Global Head of Payments at HSBC

What is your role at Token?
I lead the sales organisation, which means working with a wide range of amazing businesses to think through the opportunities that open banking could create for them, work out how our platform can help, and then making it real!

Why did you join Token?
Having spent well over 20 years in the payments industry, this finally felt like a real opportunity to disrupt and improve the industry.

What do you like most about working for Token?
It’s a genuine opportunity to change the industry and I'm working every day with really interesting and smart people - both inside the business and outside with a broad range of customers who are looking to us to guide them on capitalising on open banking.

If you could switch jobs with anyone else at Token, whose job would you want?
I wouldn't. I'm right where I want to be helping to drive the go-to-market strategy and make it a reality for customers.

What has surprised you the most about working in our industry?
This is a tough question. I’ve spent way too many years in the payments industry. But, if I had to pick one thing, it is that most innovation hasn't really been that significant. It's just been a bolt on to the traditional way of doing things.

What's your one prediction for the future of technology?
It will become increasingly (and genuinely) customer-centric. Turning the existing payments value chain inside out and allowing customers to connect their financial world with the things they do day-to-day. In a much smarter way. Oh, and AI will be far smarter than any of us. So, ignore me and ask Siri (or Twiki from Buck Rogers…showing my age now)

What would you be doing if you pursued another career?
I'd love to have been an author, particularly of children’s books. Maybe there is still time?

Dogs or cats?

Facebook or Instagram?

Chicken or egg?

Coke or Pepsi?

iOS or Android?