Team Spotlight: Molly Rosedale

Team Spotlight: Molly Rosedale

Molly joined Token's Marketing team in September 2017. She's called London home for the past eight years and lives in Notting Hill with her family and pensioner rescue dog. When she's not in the office, you can find her at Barry's Bootcamp or chasing her two children in Hyde Park.

What was your last role before you joined Token?
VP, Marketing Strategy, Barclaycard Business Solutions

What is your role at Token?
Director, Product Marketing

Why did you join Token?
After spending over 15 years at large financial institutions and seeing how broken payments were, I was ready to join a smaller organisation that was building a foundation to capitalise on the new era of banking. I also wanted to land in a role where I could work across marketing channels.

What do you like most about working for Token?
I love the pace and that every day looks different. One day I could be writing copy for marketing collateral, and the next day partnering with our sales and design teams to storyboard demos. I also have the flexibility that I need as a working parent. I’m able to take my children to school at least one day a week, which I know sounds ridiculous, but it’s just not possible in a lot of organisations.

If you could switch jobs with anyone else at Token, whose job would you want?
Grace Thompson. She's the only female engineer here on the team, so she is elevated to rock star status in my book. She's at the table for industry and customer conversations, so has her finger on the pulse of what we need to build to deliver value.

What has surprised you the most about working in our industry?
Starts and stops, and the need to quickly pivot as market demand evolves. You know this will happen when you join a startup, but the full reality or impact on your role can never be predicted. The great news is that being in a small organisation makes everyone’s role easier - the days of endless layers of reviews and approvals just don’t exist.

What's your one prediction for the future of technology?
The full impact of technology on retail still hasn't been felt. We're only just now seeing the industry wake up because it’s about survival. I do believe that AI will dominate in many retail sectors.

What would you be doing if you pursued another career?
I would be a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor.

Dogs or cats?

Facebook or Instagram?

Chicken or egg?

Coke or Pepsi?

iOS or Android?