Anna Nikulova

Anna Nikulova

Anna joined Token in May 2019 as a Software Engineer. With a background in scientific research in bioinformatics, she is eager to try her out in a new role. Outside of work, Anna enjoys the company of her husband and two young children, loves the outdoors and everything related to dance.

What was your last role before you joined Token?
PhD student and a Computer Science instructor in Moscow State University

What is your role at Token?
Software Engineer

Why did you join Token?
I liked the people I met during the interview, the atmosphere in the office and also the difficulty level of the interview questions.

What do you like most about working at Token?
The people.

If you could switch jobs with anyone else at Token, whose job would you want? Why?
I am still new to my current role and I like it, so I’ll stay here for a while.

What has surprised you the most about working in our industry?
That something like open banking has not emerged a long time ago.

What's your one prediction for the future of technology?
I am looking forward to the time when AI frees me up from such duties as cleaning, cooking and shopping.

What would you be doing if you pursued another career?
I’d join a search and rescue team, or (more realistically) be a teacher in a college or university.

Dogs or cats?

Facebook or Instagram?

Chicken or egg?

iOS or Android?