Rebecca Wright

Rebecca Wright

Hailing from Yorkshire, Rebecca is our VP of People and joined Token January 2020. Rebecca's favourite place in the world is Austria, and adores being by the sea - sailing, paddle boarding  and anything active. She loves a new challenge and is constantly looking for ways to test both her physical and mental resilience.

What was your last role before you joined Token?
Chief People Officer for a health insurance company

What is your role at Token?
VP People Operations

Why did you join Token?
I started my career working for First Direct, who at the time were disrupting the world of banking.  First Direct was the first telephone and branchless bank! I love working with pioneers, professional disruptors and people who have off the scale levels of curiosity and always ask 'why'. Token's mission and the amazingly talented people I met prior to joining really sold it for me. It was an easy decision to make to join Token.

What do you like most about working at Token?
The people!

If you could switch jobs with anyone else at Token, whose job would you want? Why?
Calvin Sanghera.  Whilst I don't have the technical capability (although I'd be willing to learn!), I absolutely love solving problems ! I also love the fact that everything that Calvin does make our customers lives better.

What has surprised you the most about working in our industry?
I'm on day 3 so I'm still knee deep in educating myself about the industry.  From a banking perspective, as a consumer I'm surprised how very little banking has evolved in the last 20 years!

What's your one prediction for the future of technology?
I read an article that predicted we would see our first AI machine Board of Corporate Directors by 2030.  That certainly got me thinking about what that means from a talent attraction perspective.

What would you be doing if you pursued another career?
Absolutely anything sport related.  If talent was no object as I'm an amateur at both, I would have loved to have been a professional runner or cyclist. 

Dogs or cats?

Facebook or Instagram?

Chicken or egg?

Coke or Pepsi

iOS or Android?